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Can I Use my CBD Tincture in the Office?

You can vape your daily dose of CBD. You can eat it in an edible. You can take it in a pill. A tincture of CBD is yet another safe, easy and effective way to take cannabidiol. In fact, it’s so safe and easy that many people choose to take their daily tincture in the office…

Unfortunately, some people get put off by the idea of a tincture at the outset. It comes with a pipette? How do you know how much to take?

If that sounds like you, don’t worry. From the basics of how to take a CBD tincture to a suitable dosage to reasons why it might make the best choice for you to where to buy it, this article has got you covered.

What is a CBD tincture?

A CBD oil tincture is essentially purified cannabidiol – one of the 113 organic compounds called cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant – extracted, refined and suspended in liquid alcohol.

To create a tincture, the alcohol and CBD are boiled over low heat to remove some of the high percentage alcohol. After cooling, the tincture is usually placed in a small glass jar fitted with a pipette.

Tinctures are one of the purest types of CBD available.

Why use CBD?

People choose to use CBD for all sorts of reasons. Chiefly because:

  1. It has proven anti-inflammatory properties
  2. It can provide pain relief
  3. Many people rate it highly for stress relief and when dealing with anxiety
  4. It has none of the side-effects associated with pharmaceutical medication, such as emotional disturbance, lethargy, upset balance or memory loss
  5. It will not provide any psychoactive effect, so it is safe to use during the day

The benefits of a CBD tincture

Taking your daily dose of CBD in a tincture has many benefits, including:

  • It is fast-acting: depending on the method of ingestion, the cannabidiol in your tincture will rapidly reach your bloodstream. There is no need for it to work its way through your digestive system.
  • It is powerful: the CBD in any given tincture is extremely concentrated.
  • There is no need to smoke: for people who want the benefits of CBD without the need to smoke anything, using a tincture is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get their daily dose.
  • You can set your dose: because you always take the precise number of drops you want, you can carefully monitor your dose.
  • It is discreet: a tincture bottle is small and easy to conceal. All you need is a moment out of the full view of the office if you think using a tincture might be frowned upon in your workplace. Of course, there are other ways to use a CBD tincture which are even more discreet…

How to use a CBD tincture

Can you vape CBD tincture? No. But there are numerous pleasant and subtle ways to use your tincture which are a great alternative to smoking or vaping:

1) Eat it

Many people prefer to place a few drops of their tincture in their favorite snack. Others like to mix it into a bowl of soup or bake it into cookies and other edibles.

Putting your drops of tincture into something with a pleasant flavor is a great idea. Mainly because the tincture itself – at least, the plain version – may be powerful, fast-acting, discreet and easy to monitor your dose when using. But it doesn’t actually taste that good.

Simply adding it to some food which you would be enjoying anyway is the simplest solution. There are also entire websites dedicated to cannabis cooking which offer numerous recipes for tinctures.

2) Put it in your beverage

If you don’t want to put your tincture in food, it’s even easier with a beverage. Many people prefer to put their daily dose of tincture in their morning cup of tea or coffee.

With many flavored tincture options available, you can actually improve the taste of your beverage!

If not, a plain tincture can quickly slip in under your taste buds’ radar in a beverage, or in a ginger ale or even a glass of fruit juice.

3) Under the tongue

This is the classic way to take a CBD tincture. But, as mentioned, the taste of most tinctures isn’t that pleasant.

That’s why you might be best off selecting a flavored tincture to begin with. The K.I.N.D. range contains flavors such as orange and peppermint, for example.

Using CBD tincture in the office

Many people use their CBD tinctures in the office. A couple of drops of tincture can easily be added to a beverage or food without comment or taken in privacy.

As CBD has no psychoactive effect – that is to say, it won’t get you “high” – CBD products are safe for use during the day. They are usually made from hemp with a negligible amount of THC (this is the cannabinoid in cannabis responsible for its psychoactive effects).

This means that cannabidiol will not affect your ability to do your job. It may even improve it if you regularly experience problems with:

  • Repetitive strain or aches – caused by sitting in one position and typing.
  • Screen headaches – a result of too much computer time.
  • Stress in the workplace – either because of constant deadlines or the sheer difficulty or monotony of your job.
  • Anxiety – either from your stressful working environment or from any other cause.
  • Worry – before an interview or big presentation.

CBD tincture – dosage

1000 mg of CBD tincture is a lot of doses. However, it is important to note that there is no real fixed dosage of cannabidiol which will be perfect for you.

The right CBD tincture dosage for you will depend on:

  1. Your height and weight
  2. The severity of the symptoms you want your dose to address
  3. Your natural tolerance levels


That’s why the general rule is “start small and work up”. Try a single drop and see what effect that has before you start to build up.

Where can I find CBD tincture for sale?

You can buy CBD tincture in various quantities as well as a range of flavors – including plain – from most reliable dispensaries.

Your guiding light when purchasing should always be the quality of the plant and process which were used to create the product. For example, K.I.N.D. only sells organic CBD tincture made from plants raised using those natural growing methods.

Start with a smaller bottle, perhaps a CBD tincture of 500mg less. When experimenting with dosage, always start small and work up.

If you aren’t sure whether taking a CBD tincture in your office is a good idea despite all of the benefits, check local laws, state laws, company rules and you might even ask your HR manager or boss.