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CBD salve for arthritis: uses and benefits

CBD oil salve is the option many people turn to when they’re looking for relief from pain.


That pain might have been caused by a sporting injury, by arthritis, or by some kind of neuropathy. But whatever the cause, CBD salve is an option when you need fast-acting, temporary relief from all kinds of musculoskeletal pain.


But what is CBD salve? How does it work? What are the benefits? Which is the best CBD salve for arthritis? Or for sports injuries?


In this article, we’ll find out:


What is CBD?

CBD is the accepted acronym for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is an organic compound of a type known as a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are found in many places in nature – including in the human body.


Cannabidiol is found in the cannabis plant. It is one of 113 cannabinoids discovered in the plant so far and one of the two most famous and best-understood (the other, of course, being tetrahydrocannabinol – better known as THC).


CBD has become widely famous in recent years. Suddenly, it seems to be included in almost everything. You can get CBD sprays and bath salts, drinks and sodas and snacks, edible gummies, tincture, CBD coffee and a whole lot more.


The reason for this is CBD’s widely-touted benefits as an agent for:


  • Pain relief
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Anti-emetic


This is in addition to the fact that, unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive effect whatsoever. This means it is safe to take in the workplace or when going about your day. It is also not addictive.


What is topical CBD salve?

One of the many CBD products which have hit the shelves in greater numbers in recent years is topical CBD salves.


A CBD salve – sometimes called a CBD cream – is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a type of cream or salve which contains a quantity of cannabidiol and which can be spread on your skin with the aim of providing targeted relief against pain.


There are many hundreds of different types of cannabidiol salve on the market. This makes a little bit of background knowledge about how they work a definite benefit if you’re trying to choose between them.


How does CBD salve work?


Chronic pain comes in two different “types”:


  1. Nociceptive pain – is the pain you get when tissue is damaged or inflamed. It is the most common type of pain. Perhaps you injured your knee while running or you have arthritis. This type of pain tends to be a low-down throb which is often linked to the way you move.
  2. Neuropathic pain – is the pain you get from nerve damage or impairment. You might have multiple sclerosis or damage caused by high sugar levels, for instance. This type of pain tends to be sudden or sharp.

Most research which has been done on cannabidiol so far seems to show that it might be best to use CBD salve for pain of the first type of pain – nociceptive. Particularly things like inflammation.


But more research is underway – and a great deal of anecdotal evidence suggests – that neuropathic pain can also be relieved in some measure by the application of CBD.

The pain relief which CBD provides seems to come in a number of ways:


1) Through your endocannabinoid system

The human body comes equipped with an endocannabinoid system. Your body produces its own endocannabinoids and sends them to different cannabinoid receptors in your brain and other parts of the body in order to achieve certain effects.


The most common analogy is to think of your endocannabinoid system as a series of locks for which cannabinoids and endocannabinoids are the keys. The common effects which the endocannabinoid system is known to produce include:


  • Pain sensation, relating to how we experience pain
  • Mood, relating to how strongly we feel and what we feel
  • Things relating to immune system function


Although cannabinoids like CBD are not made by the body itself (in fact CBD is a phytocannabinoid – made by a plant) they can still have a powerful effect on the human endocannabinoid system.


Some research suggests that CBD may act as an endocannabinoid modulator (it can inhibit an enzyme that breaks down a specific endocannabinoid) rather than purely acting as another cannabinoid interacting with your system.


If this turns out to be the case, this will be a completely unique phenomenon unknown among other types of pain relief medication. It may also be part of the reason why CBD medication is now often being considered as an alternative when treatment-resistant forms of certain conditions need to be addressed.


For instance, the FDA has approved several types of CBD medication as treatments for two treatment-resistant forms of epilepsy.

CBD compound

2) Through your glycerin receptors

Potentiate glycerin receptors are suspected to be part of the way your body perceives pain. By interacting with (potentiating) these receptors, CBD also seems to reduce the perception of pain – and was proven to do so in several experiments involving mice and rats.


3) As an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant

More studies on mice showed that CBD is able to reduce the pain and even slow the damage caused by arthritis by being an anti-inflammatory and having immunosuppressive qualities.


What is CBD salve used for?

It’s most common to use CBD salve for pain relief. Other ways of ingesting CBD may be more commonly selected if the user is trying to get relief from stress or anxiety, for example. But among CBD salve uses, pain relief is by far and away the most popular.


As we’ve seen above, research seems to show that CBD can be used to address both nociceptive and neuropathic pain and can even address conditions which may otherwise be resistant to treatment – or be used by people for whom more traditional types of medication are either not, or have become less, effective.


CBD salve – benefits

There are several reasons why many people prefer to get the pain relief they need from CBD as opposed to other methods of taking cannabidiol, including:


1) No spray

One of the major benefits of CBD salve is as an alternative to sprays. Many people dislike aerosols and will avoid them if they can possibly do so.


A cream can simply be applied directly and topically.


2) No psychoactive effects

CBD is not psychoactive. The pain relief it provides should be suitable for use by almost anyone at any time in safety.


3) Non-addictive

Cannabidiol is not addictive and you can’t become dependent on it in a chemical way.


4) No smoking or vaping

While many people enjoy vaping to get the relief they need from their daily dose of CBD, there’s no denying that not smoking or vaping is likely to be a healthier alternative.


A CBD salve is simply applied topically on the skin.


5) Can contain other beneficial ingredients

The fact that CBD salve is massaged into the skin is a good reason to include other beneficial ingredients at the same time.


For example, in K.I.N.D. Concentrates CBD salve, you will find things like coconut and Shea butter, lavender, eucalyptus and other restorative and herbal additions. Just what you need to tackle pain as well as provide good, natural healing for your skin and the underlying tissue.


How to use CBD salve

To use your CBD salve, all you need to do is take a small quantity of the cream out of the jar and apply it to the area which is causing you pain. Then all you need to do is wait for the salve to take effect.


Because you can buy salve with dramatically different concentrations of CBD – for example, a CBD salve of 500 mg CBD may be diluted into a large or small amount of cream – there is no hard and fast number of applications per day or length of time you should wait between applications.


A rule of thumb is to use your cream three times per day to start off with. If that is enough, you’ve established a good dose for your needs. But it is not uncommon for people to use their preferred salve many more times per day than this – even hourly if they find it gives them sufficient relief.


Where to find CBD salve for sale

These days, you can find CBD salve for sale in many places. Most often, your local licensed dispensary will carry some. You will also find many options quickly and easily online.


You might find more success searching under “topical hemp salve”. That’s because the CBD you will find in most salve has been extracted from hemp and – knowing that straight-up CBD products cannot technically be advertised in many places online, while hemp products containing less than 0.3% THC are legal under federal law in the US – many manufacturers list their products under “hemp” to ensure patients can still find what they need.


Whether you buy CBD salve online or in a brick and mortar store, always be sure that:


  1. You know what you’re getting – read the label and be sure that you trust the manufacturer to have produced something of a high quality.
  2. Don’t always shoot for the cheapest – if you want to get some actual relief from your salve, you need it to contain a set quantity of high-quality CBD. Check out how much CBD is actually present in the cream you are buying.
  3. You know where it was made – for example, K.I.N.D. Concentrates products are made from All-American CBD extracted from plants grown in US soil and will proudly say so on the label.
  4. What else is in there – most CBD salves also contain some additional ingredients. You should be sure these additional ingredients are beneficial for you and your condition.


Finally, it’s worth noting that before adding CBD salve to you full pain treatment routine, it’s worth consulting your doctor or another health professional – especially if you are on any other forms of medication.


That said, with CBD being available in so many places and even being approved by the FDA – even if that’s only for certain medications for certain conditions so far – it’s likely that your physician will do anything other than give you a nod of approval to try a little cream to see if CBD salve can give you the relief you need.