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Does full-spectrum CBD oil offer additional benefits?

When you use CBD full-spectrum oil, you are getting the full benefits that every part of the marijuana plant has to offer.


Of course, most CBD full-spectrum products you will find are actually made from a type of marijuana called hemp. This means you get all of those benefits with zero risk of any psychoactive effects.


But what other benefits does CBD oil which is “full-spectrum” really offer?


What is CBD?

First of all, it is important to understand exactly what CBD is and what it does. Both alone and in conjunction with the other parts of the cannabis plant. Those parts which are actively removed from products which are referred to as CBD isolates.


This is the key difference when it comes to CBD full spectrum vs isolate:

  • CBD full-spectrum products – contains all parts of the cannabis plant.
  • Isolate products – contain only CBD as an active ingredient, isolated and extracted from the rest of the plant.


CBD – more properly known as cannabidiol – is one of what is currently known to be 113 different organic chemicals known as cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.

CBD compound

How do cannabinoids work?

Cannabinoids like CBD have various effects when taken into the human body. Your body has its own endocannabinoid system. In normal everyday life, various endocannabinoids (internal cannabinoids) are produced by this system and used to “unlock” various functions of your brain and body.


Cannabinoids from outside your body – phytocannabinoids, cannabinoids from plants in this case – can also have an effect on this system. Often, these effects are quite useful ones. They can compensate for times when your system is not working correctly or when you want to compensate for stresses placed on it.


That is why there seem to be such promising results (huge amounts of ongoing hearsay as well as mounting scientific evidence) that CBD and other cannabinoids – such as the well-known THC – can have beneficial effects when being used to address things like stress, anxiety, joint inflammation and many other conditions.


CBD tinctureWhat is full-spectrum CBD?

Cannabinoids are not the only part of the cannabis plant which is found in full-spectrum CBD powder and other products. In full-spectrum products, you will also find beneficial phytonutrients, terpenes, flavonoids and other organic components form every part of the plant.


When taken at the same time, the combination of all of these elements produces something known as the “entourage effect”. This can be thought of in the same way as how a celebrity and their entourage walking down a red carpet make a bigger impact than the famous person alone.


The entourage effect is perhaps the main additional benefit of using a full-spectrum product. It means that even products which are in theory “less pure” than highly-purified isolates can actually create a more potent effect when used.


There is a long history of humans using full-spectrum cannabis for its beneficial medical properties. Some estimate this history stretches for more than five thousand years. It is only in recent years that producers have begun to use advances in scientific technology to isolate parts of the cannabis plant and extract them.


Does full spectrum CBD have THC in it?

Full-spectrum CBD does indeed contain THC. But. And it’s a very important but. The overwhelming majority of full-spectrum CBD products are made from the hemp plant.


Hemp is a variety of cannabis. But it contains negligible amounts of THC. THC – otherwise known as tetrahydrocannabinol – is another of the cannabinoids found in cannabis. In THC’s case, it is the cannabinoid most responsible for the psychoactive effects which using the cannabis plant can lead to.


Most full-spectrum CBD products in the US, in particular, aim to contain less than 0.3% THC. That’s because this is the level at which it is permissible under some federal laws. This means that you can use full-spectrum CBD products without any worry that you might get “high”.


Indeed, this is responsible for some of the confusion between full-spectrum vs broad-spectrum CBD products. These two classifications sound very similar. But broad-spectrum products have had all traces of THC removed.


Because hemp-derived full-spectrum products are likely to contain negligible THC anyway, the difference between the two terms may not matter in many cases. But it can be a useful thing to know.


What does full spectrum CBD come in?

Full-spectrum CBD oil comes in various well-known varieties, including the highly popular:


1) Edibles

CBD edible gummies, brownies, cakes as well as liquid edibles such as teas, energy drinks and more are all available these days. In fact, it’s unusual to find a type of food or beverage that you can’t get a CBD-infused version of!


Edibles are tasty and easy to consume even with zero experience and very little knowledge of how CBD works. Other than the knowledge needed to establish a safe and effective daily dose for your particular purposes.


This can usually be established by the simple method of starting small and working up to a daily dose which gives you the effects you are looking for.


2) Tinctures

CBD Tinctures are often used sublingually. You use a pipette to place a drop or two of full-spectrum CBD suspended in alcohol beneath your tongue. Then you wait for it to pass through the lining of your mouth. This has the effect of bypassing your digestive system, speeding the onset of the relief you feel.


The other way people use tinctures is to create their own CBD edibles, such as cookies.


3) Oils

Often smoked or vaped CBD oil is an incredibly popular way to get relief from a full-spectrum product.


Where can I find full spectrum CBD oil for sale legally?

It is important to understand that CBD and full-spectrum products are still not legal under federal law. Only in very specific cases – such as Epidiolex, a treatment for specific resistant forms of epilepsy – have cannabis-derived medications received full FDA approval.


As well as legally, you should always bear in mind the quality of CBD oil you find for sale. Always check to see where the cannabis in your full-spectrum product was grown, farmed and the processes used to turn it into the product you are buying.


For instance, you would know all K.I.N.D. products have been made from All-American CBD extracted from plants grown locally in American soil via completely natural, organic processes.


In general, it is always a good idea to buy from a reputable local supplier in your own state. Especially now that increasing numbers of states have signaled sensible changes towards full cannabis legalization are on the horizon.