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How many CBD gummies should I eat?

So, you’ve just sat down at home with your freshly ordered pack of 500 mg CBD gummies. Now what?


If you’ve never used CBD before, it can be a little difficult to know where to start. How many should you eat? How long do they take to kick in? How strong are they? Will they give you the results you’re looking for?


Don’t worry. If you’re wondering how much of your pack of CBD gummies to take and when, this article is for you:


What are CBD gummies?

CBD gummies are edible products containing cannabidiol, one of the 113 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant – and one of the two which are best understood.


Because marijuana is becoming increasingly more legalized across the United States and around the world, edibles are becoming more and more popular. This is largely because they offer a non-smoking alternative which allows easy access to the benefits of CBD.


While edibles like gummies take longer to lead to noticeable effects than ingestion methods like smoking or vaping, they’re much better for you – and those effects will stick around for much longer once they arrive.


Plus, CBD itself has numerous advantages and benefits when used by people who suffer from anything from anxiety to inflammation to chronic pain.

CBD infused gummies

CBD gummies effects

The effects of CBD gummies are wide-ranging, and often see them being used for the purposes of:


  1. Pain relief
  2. Anti-inflammation
  3. Anti-anxiety
  4. Anti-emetic

There are also suggestions that using CBD could be a way to reduce acne, promote heart health and that it could even have neuroprotective capabilities. That’s on top of its potential use in treating diabetes and substance abuse.


But it’s people who suffer from pain, inflammation, anxiety and nausea who are usually high on the list of those who might benefit from using CBD.


The benefits of CBD gummies

CBD gummies, in particular, have a host of benefits over alternative methods of ingestion. For example:


1) They’re better for your lungs and breathing

Smoking can cause serious damage to your health. It might be an overused phrase by now, but it’s one that’s always worth repeating!


Even if you are smoking cannabis on its own without any tobacco, you are still inhaling carcinogens. You’re also increasing your risk of developing bronchitis, lung inflammation and similar problems.


Edibles such as gummies can be simply ingested without risking any of that potential harm.


2) They’re simple to take

If you’re a highly experienced vaper or medical marijuana smoker, you may have forgotten that there is a certain barrier to entry to these activities.


Unlike setting up a vape or preparing to smoke marijuana, CBD gummies are incredibly easy to take. You simply pop them in your mouth, chew, swallow and wait for the effects to arrive.


Plus, if you physically can’t smoke for any reason, they’re a great option.


3) They’re subtle and discreet

A big cloud of vapor or smoke tinged with the smell of cannabis is more than a little bit obvious in a crowded place. And, while this sort of activity might be legal in some parts of the US, it’s not always very polite.


Edibles, on the other hand, don’t have any odor or produce any obvious signs they’re being taken. A 500 mg bag of CBD gummies can look a lot like any other bag of candy. There’s no reason for anyone watching to suspect you’re doing anything other than indulging your sweet tooth.


This makes CBD gummies possible to take in public places and even in the workplace.


4) They last for longer

The effects of edibles last for longer than other methods of ingesting cannabidiol. This means you can relax, knowing your relief is going to stay in place for an extended duration.


CBD gummies dosage advice

If you’re taking CBD gummies for the first time, it’s important to establish the correct dose so that you get the quality of relief that you’re looking for.


CBD has no psychoactive effects. Nor is it addictive. This means that, in theory, there are no serious dangers if you take too much.


That said, there are some side-effects of over-use – fatigue being one of the most common – so you’re doing yourself a favor if you have a little think about how much you’re going to take. Here’s how to do that:


1) Read the label

Always check the label before you purchase a medical marijuana product.


When it comes to CDB edible gummies, you want to know how much CBD is in the pack as a whole and how much is in a single serving.


2) Know what you’re getting

Another thing you should be looking at on the label is manufacturer information. Has this product been independently tested? Does the manufacturer prioritize using natural products and minimal additives? You can usually tell a great deal of this sort of thing from the label too.


For instance, on a 500 mg pack of CBD gummies from K.I.N.D., you would find that the plants they are made from are All-American, grown in the US using natural, organic means. You would also find that each gummy contains a set quantity of cannabidiol. This makes establishing the correct dose easy.


3) Start slow and build up

If you’re still unsure whether even a recommended dose will be right for you, the best method is to start small and build up your dose until you achieve the right level of relief.


You can start from as little as 2.5 mg – what is sometimes termed a microdose – or perhaps 10 mg and work upwards.


It’s sometimes thought that 25mg of CBD is a standard dose. Many people take that amount twice per day. But it’s probably not a good idea to start at that level if you haven’t tried CBD before.


25 mg isn’t a hard-and-fast limit either. If that isn’t creating the relief you were looking for, you can up your dose still further or consider consulting your doctor.


How long before you notice the effects of gummies?

A rough rule of thumb is that it takes edibles anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to take effect. This isn’t set though, as many factors can affect when you start to notice the onset.


It’s also worth pointing out that, because cannabidiol has no psychoactive properties, its effects can be a little more difficult to notice than those of THC.


In general, a gummy – or any chewable edible – will take longer to take effect than other edibles. That’s because they need to first pass through your digestive tract and be absorbed there. Whereas other edibles may be absorbed wholly or partly sublingually, through the membranes in your mouth.


There are also a number of factors personal to you which will affect how long it will be before you notice the effects of gummies:


1) Your body weight

If you have a higher body fat percentage, the effects of CBD may take longer to arrive but may stick around for longer once they do. Equally, if you have a low body fat percentage, they may appear more quickly but disappear more quickly too.


This is because cannabidiol is a fat-soluble compound, meaning it is stored in your body’s fat cells.


2) Your sex

Because a female human body has more fat on average than a male human body, it’s likely that you might notice CBD take longer to take effect but have those effects be longer-lasting if you are a woman.


3) How much you use CBD

For most substances, you might be worried that you will build up a tolerance and need to start taking more over time to get the same effects. Not so with CBD.


Cannabidiol actually appears to create a reverse tolerance effect. This means that, with repeated use, you might actually need to take less to create the same effect.


This seems to be because CBD encourages the production of natural endocannabinoids within your body and so, overall, you need less from the outside to create the same effect. It also means the effects of “outside” CBD may not last for as long as they used to.


4) Your activity levels

If you have a faster metabolism – often the result of leading a more active lifestyle – your body will process CBD more quickly.


Much like having reduced numbers of fat cells, this may mean that CBD’s effects may last for less time.


5) How much you take at once

Your body takes time to process CBD. This means that a larger quantity of CBD will require more time to process.


But it also means that the effects of CBD will stay with you for longer.


How long do CBD gummies last?

It’s not unusual for the effects of edibles to last up to four or even six hours. That’s significantly longer than the relief you might get from smoking or vaping, which tends to arrive sooner but also leave sooner.


As we’ve seen above, factors such as your body weight, metabolism, sex, the dosage you take and how often you use CBD can all affect the effect duration as well as onset duration.


Overall, it is widely reported that the effect duration of edibles varies widely from person to person. So, to give you some idea, here are some examples of how long you can expect effects to last for based on method of ingestion:


  • Vaping – one hour or less
  • Tincture – between two and four hours.
  • Gummies and edibles – between four and six hours
  • Transdermal patches – up to 48 hours

hemp gummies

CBD gummies vs hemp gummies

It’s important to understand a couple of important points of terminology and classification when buying your CBD gummies:


Hemp gummies

If you are buying “hemp gummies”, you are buying gummies which contain CBD which has been extracted from the hemp plant.


Hemp is a specific type of cannabis which is known to contain no more than 0.3% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive component in cannabis). Because of this, hemp products are widely legal – even at the Federal level.


Hemp also contains high quantities of CBD. This makes it possible to produce “broad spectrum” CBD products which can contain other beneficial compounds found in the cannabis plant.


CBD gummies

CBD gummies are also sourced from the cannabis plant, but not necessarily from hemp. If the cannabis plant selected is not hemp, the cannabidiol within it needs to be isolated and then extracted to eliminate the possibility of any other compounds like THC being present in the final product. This extraction process can create a very pure type of CBD.


However, some products which are labeled “CBD gummies” are actually sourced from the hemp plant. If you’re concerned about legality in your part of the US, keep an eye out for this distinction.


Do CBD gummies work?

The simple answer to this question is “try them and see for yourself”! 500 mg of CBD gummies won’t set you back very much and their widely reputed benefits are being touted everywhere you look these days.


The effects of CDB gummies can be slowly dialed up until you’re happy. And there are no worries over becoming addicted or of serious overdosing side-effects.


Plus, as gummies are available in various flavors and formats – you can even get sugar-free CBD gummies if you’re concerned about how much sugar you’re going to end up taking – you’re always going to be able to find something that appeals to you.