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How to vape CBD oil: Why, How often, How much

If you’ve just started using CBD vape oil, you can often find yourself facing difficult questions about how to get what you need in terms of anxiety and pain relief from your new purchase.

How do you work out how much CBD oil to vape? How often should you do it? Does it matter what condition you want to address using it?

Yes. Yes, it does. Here’s everything you need to know about how to use CBD oil in your vape pen:

Why is vaping CBD popular?

Vaping CBD is one of the most popular ways to take it. This is for at least four very good reasons:

1) It’s efficient

First of all, vaping is an efficient way to get the most from the quantity of cannabidiol you have.

Each of the methods used to take CBD result in different levels of bioavailability. Bioavailability, in this instance, is simply the amount of CBD which can actually be absorbed into your bloodstream.

Vaping CBD results in the highest levels of bioavailability. It provides similar results to other methods while requiring lower quantities of cannabidiol, making it highly efficient. Some approximate figures for this would be:

  • CBD edibles – result in anywhere from 5 to 15% bioavailability.
  • CBD tinctures taken sublingually – 20-30%.
  • CBD vape oil – 40-50%.

This is the rough percentage of cannabidiol which your body will absorb from the amount you take. If you change your delivery method, you can use these figures to work out how much you need to adjust your dose.

2) It’s fast-acting

Secondly, vaping CBD provides fast-acting relief compared to other methods of taking CBD. For example, if you use edibles, it can take half an hour or longer for your cannabidiol to take effect.

Vaping, on the other hand, results in near-instant relief. This makes it a much better solution for people who choose to take CBD to address concerns such as chronic pain, anxiety or seizures. With these sorts of conditions waiting thirty minutes for relief to arrive isn’t really an option.

3) It’s easy

Thirdly, using a vape is easy. All you need is a little background information to make sure you’re doing it right. Then all you need to do is pick up your vape or vape pen and inhale.

Relief arrives – at the longest – a few minutes later.

4) It’s subtle

Vaping CBD doesn’t make a scene. There’s no dangling a pipette into your mouth or funky apparatus required. Pen-style vapes, in particular, have become a sight which everyone is used to.

How to use CBD vape oil

Vaporizers come in several different types. All of these have the same essential components:

  • A battery (which creates power)
  • An atomizer (which uses that power to create heat)
  • A mouthpiece (where you place your mouth to inhale the vapor)
  • The chamber (where the material which is going to be vaporized is held)

The two most popular types of vapes are:

1) Tank-style vapes

These are the most common type of vape. You’ll probably have spotted people using them. They tend to produce the characteristic plumes of smoke which vaping has become known for.

In tank-style vapes, the battery heats up material drawn from a chamber which is either:

  • Disposable – sometimes referred to as cartomizers, these tank-style vapes use pre-filled, disposable cartridges which are available ready-made and ready to use.
  • Refillable – refillable tank-style vapes allow you to add your own material to be vaped. Most tank-style vapers will begin with disposable cartridges for ease of use and progress to refillable ones once they gain confidence and start to want to be less wasteful.

The material used in tank-style vapes is called e-liquid. This is a mix of vegetable glycerin, flavorings and propylene glycol in addition to CBD.

Vape pens are primarily designed to cape cannabis concentrates such as CBD. The chamber here contains a metal heating coil which vaporizes the concentrate which you’re using.

This means that pen-style vapes result in a much purer CBD experience than a tank-style vape.

How often to vape CBD oil

young man using CBD vape pen

If you’re just starting out, working out how often to take CBD oil will be one of your major concerns.

Your main rule of thumb should always be to start small and work upwards. Though there are no hard-and-fast rules for how often to vape CBD – every person and their needs are different – a sensible amount to start with is 5 mg or 10 mg of CBD per day.

That’s not per vape. That’s per day. The number of occasions you actually vape during the course of the day is up to you. But it’s not smart to exceed this suggested beginner dosage until you get the hang of what your body needs.

How much CBD should I vape?

Again, that small amount – 5-10 mg of CBD per day – is a good quantity to start at. Your body will probably soon start to become acclimatized to that quantity, at which time you can consider adjusting your dosage upward to compensate for any increased tolerance.

Sensibly testing and adjusting in this way is really the only way to proceed when you’re starting out. There is a huge range of factors which will affect the effects you’ll gain from your dose of CBD. These include:

  • Your body weight
  • Your personal body chemistry (everyone is a little different)
  • Your preferred delivery method
  • The strength and quality of CBD vape oil you have

A final governing factor will be the type and severity of the condition you are taking CBD to address:

How much CBD oil should I take for anxiety?

Regular, acclimatized users of CBD oil may take anywhere from 40-300 mg per day if it’s intended for use against anxiety.

How much CBD oil should I take for chronic pain?

Chronic pain suffers may eventually fall into a bracket somewhere between 2.5-20 mg of CBD per day depending on the severity of their condition.

How much CBD oil should I take for a sleeping disorder?

Sleeping disorder sufferers who take CBD oil on a regular basis may take anywhere from 40-160 mg every day to address their condition.

How much CBD oil should I take to increase my appetite?

Particularly for cancer patients and others who struggle to motivate themselves to eat, a small quantity of CBD can go a long way.

Around 2.5 mg of CBD can stimulate the appetite. Especially when there is an equal amount of THC present (remember that THC may be governed by different laws depending on the state you live in).

But in all cases, remember to buy a good quality product, start small and work your way upwards if necessary.