Apple CBD Gummies


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K.I.N.D. CBD Gummies are a sweet, tasty and socially discreet way to get your daily dose of CBD!

The apple flavor gummies are some of our favorites. They are just the right sort of sweet for most people. Plus, the familiar, cheerful flavor makes them ideal for all the family.

Each of our CBD edible gummies delivers a precise 25 mg of CBD per piece. This allows you to strictly control your dosage and establish a base personal tolerance.

The K.I.N.D. world is one made up of high-quality, organic, All-American CBD.

You’ll find a total of 250 mg of CBD per bag.


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What are CBD gummies?

K.I.N.D.’s CBD infused gummies look just like the traditional candy you can buy in any corner store. They have become incredibly popular in recent years…

That’s because not only do they taste great, they also deliver a carefully controlled dose of high-quality cannabidiol – and they allow you to take that dose in a way which is both subtle and enjoyable.

All K.I.N.D. Products – including our legal CBD edibles – are made from plants grown legally in the United States. The advanced extraction process that we use results in CBD products with tightly controlled and precisely measurable quantities of active ingredients. In this case, cannabidiol – known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.


In all of our CBD concentrates and edibles, you will only find naturally produced terpenes, vitamins and oils. This results in a healthier, organic product and a taste experience far superior to other kinds of CBD edibles you’ll find for sale.

Why buy CBD infused gummies?

First things first – CBD infused gummies taste pretty spectacular! If you like the candies they are modeled on, you will love CBD gummies.

But, of course, many people buy CBD edibles online or from their local dispensary because they want to make use of the many reported beneficial effects of cannabidiol:

The experience and benefits will vary depending on your individual body chemistry. But large numbers of people – as well as actual scientific evidence – support the use of CBD for some people who want to get better sleep, as a way of dealing with daily stress and struggles and for many other reasons, though they are not specifically designed to treat any particular illness or ailment.

The discreet nature of the product compared with other methods of ingesting CBD oil also makes edibles like gummies a good choice for taking in the workplace or in public.

You will find four delicious flavors of CBD gummies for sale right here in the K.I.N.D. store.