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K.I.N.D. CBD Vape Cartridge


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How do I choose between CBD oil for vape pens?

Most people base their choice of CBD vape cartridge on the overall experience they want to create. This is normally a combination of the quality and strength of the relief effect, the taste and aroma, convenience, value for money and several other factors.

The world of K.I.N.D. is all about delivering the perfect balance between all of these factors. With a set quantity of 200 mg in every CBD cartridge, the dose you take is easy to measure. With a bumper pack of natural terpenes and phytonutrients – as well as being based on an All-American, organic CBD extracted from the plant using a proprietary technique which leaves no solvents behind – they have a natural, gentle taste which makes them a top choice of enthusiasts and patients alike.

Because of the way that they are formulated, the CBD oil in your vape pen gets to where it needs to get and is absorbed by your body very quickly. This means that it can start doing its work as soon as possible – ideal for fast-acting relief whenever you need it.

Are these CBD oil cartridges right for me?

People use CBD oil in their vape for all kinds of reasons. To eliminate the craving for nicotine in order to quit smoking. To give themselves the best chance of getting a good night’s rest. As part of a pain relief regime…

You’ll want to consult a medical professional before starting to use CBD on a regular basis, of course. Though there is both a huge body of anecdotal and growing scientific evidence of the beneficial effects CBD can have on the human body – a certain CBD product was even recently FDA-approved as an alternative treatment for some types of epilepsy – the effects it has on your body will often vary.

The fact that these particular K.I.N.D. CBD vape pen cartridges contain set amounts of CBD makes them easy to get started with. You can establish the right dose for you. You’ll also know that, as there is no THC, you will never experience any kind of psychoactive effect.