Lavender CBD Tincture 500mg


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K.I.N.D. CBD tinctures of 500 mg come in various flavors, one of which is this aromatic and healthy lavender. They allow convenient use, easy dose establishment and are ideal for both newcomers to CBD tincture use as well as enthusiasts.
The quantity of uniquely homegrown, All-American, organic CBD or concentrate in every K.I.N.D. product is strictly controlled. This enables you to always get your correct dose. It also results in a natural, wholesome taste.
As opposed to CBD oil, a tincture is ideal for baking edibles, for taking in your morning coffee and for sublingual use (beneath your tongue).
We deliver all products, including this herbal lavender, to locations nationwide.

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What is a CBD tincture? What are the benefits?

A tincture of CBD – rather than an oil – has an alcohol base. This makes it much better for baking into edibles and possible to use in drinks and as a food flavoring as well as making it much easier for your body to absorb the cannabidiol itself.

For this reason, CBD concentrates in tincture form are a good idea if you need fast-acting relief from the sorts of issues which people often use CBD for. These can include everything from promoting healthy sleep cycles to handling stresses caused by daily life to reducing inflammation. Though it is worth noting that no tincture of CBD is designed to treat any one ailment or condition.

Also, a pure CBD oil – as opposed to a tincture – will not usually, unless it’s a K.I.N.D. product, contain the other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and phytonutrients necessary for both a natural flavor profile and to promote the Entourage Effect which a tincture is likely to.
The Entourage Effect is created by having a number of beneficial compounds from the same plant acting together. This results in a much more powerful effect than the individual components acting alone.

How to use a CBD tincture

You can decide how you prefer to use your CBD tincture out of a number of different options:

These include sublingual use (placing a few drops under your tongue) in line with your recommended daily dose. This is often seen as the best way to get fast relief as you’ll take advantage of one of a CBD tincture’s major benefits – the fact that it is absorbed by your body very quickly.

That said, large numbers of people love taking a few drops of their tincture in their morning cup of coffee or added to a sweet treat or as a food flavoring. This lavender-flavored tincture is delicious on baked goods like cookies – indeed, many people use it as an ingredient in making their own edibles.