Watermelon CBD Gummies


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K.I.N.D. CBD Edible Gummies are the tastiest way to get into taking your daily dose of CBD! Suitable for all ages and the whole family, they look just like the gummies you might remember from being a kid.
But they also contain a set, strict amount of CBD – 25 mg per piece – so you can safely and easily track the amount you are taking every day.
Because they look just like other candy, they also make the consumption of your daily dose convenient and discreet.
The CBD gummies for sale as part of the K.I.N.D. range contain 250 mg of CBD per bag.

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What are CBD gummies?

CBD gummies allow you to get your recommended daily dose of CBD in a way which is quiet and reserved – as well as being delicious!

Even legal CBD edibles can have a stigma attached to taking them in public – even when you need to do so for valid medical reasons. Many people buy CBD edibles online or from their local licensed dispensary as a discreet method of ingesting their daily dose in public or even in the workplace.

They’re also ideal for younger or older people who may not enjoy other methods of ingesting cannabidiol, but who may still derive benefits from doing so.

The active ingredients in K.I.N.D. CBD infused gummies are extracted from plants grown in America. The gummies contain all-natural flavors – tasty watermelon in this case – as well as vitamins and oils.

Why buy CBD infused gummies?

In addition to being discreet and delicious, K.I.N.D. Watermelon Gummies contain a set amount of CBD – 25 mg per piece. For many people experimenting with the beneficial effects of CBD for the first time – perhaps to examine the improvements it can offer to people suffering from a stressful lifestyle or poor sleep patterns – establishing their own tolerances and the correct dose for their own body requires careful work.

Knowing that there is a set quantity of active ingredient in each piece they take should make this method of establishing baselines and tolerances one of the safest.

Thanks to K.I.N.D.’s proprietary method of extracting CBD concentrates from our plants, you will also know that all of the CBD edibles we have for sale contain no THC unless they are stated to do so.

This means that our gummies are not addictive or psychoactive in any way.

They are available in blueberry, apple and peach as well as watermelon.