The soothing sensation of CBD oil lotion

K.I.N.D.’s premium, organic, all-natural CBD oil lotion and other topicals such as bath salts, bath bombs, massage rubs and roll ons can give you a measure of relief from all kinds of discomfort without the need to ingest anything. The perfect accompaniment to a relaxing bath, soothing massage, following sports and exercise, or simply at the end of a long day, a CBD lotion’s benefits can be felt slowly and steadily for a prolonged period of time.

In addition to the pure and potent All-American CBD found in everything in the world of K.I.N.D., our CBD body lotion and other topicals also contain many other beneficial ingredients. These commonly include things like coconut oil, Shea butter, beeswax, camphor, frankincense, Vitamin E, jojoba, menthol and arnica. It’s a succulent blend designed for relaxation, featuring ingredients known for both their natural healing powers as well as being great for your skin.

How does CBD lotion work? Well, you simply apply it topically to the areas of your body where you are experiencing discomfort or soreness. The CBD and other beneficial ingredients in the lotion will slowly penetrate your skin over time, offering a soothing sensation ideal for sufferers of anything from sports injuries to overexertion.

K.I.N.D.’s CBD massage lotion and other topicals are made from the highest quality CBD. It is extracted, using our proprietary process, from plants grown in American soil using natural, organic farming methods. It’s the only way to be sure that the quality of active ingredients you will find in your CBD topicals is of a reliably high standard.

Why use topicals like CBD oil lotion for discomfort?

People around the world use topicals like CBD lotion for discomfort because of the proven ways in which CBD – more properly known as cannabidiol, one of 113 different kinds of an organic compound known as a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant – affects you positively.

The key way cannabidiol does this is via interacting with various receptors in your body’s endocannabinoid system. This system can be thought of as a series of locks for which cannabinoids are the key. Though your body produces its own endocannabinoids, CBD and other cannabinoids from outside your body can also have an effect. One of those effects is the reduction of discomfort sensations. 

Common uses of CBD lotion include using it to help with discomfort and for better sleep. The topical itself is absorbed quickly by your skin, so you can apply it before getting dressed and be safely dry before you put on your clothes. The lotion is light enough to be used on sensitive areas as well as stable enough to be used to provide even coverage for larger areas such as your back.

The best CBD lotion for reducing discomfort and sleep aid will always be one which contains a set quantity of high-quality cannabidiol as well as a range of other beneficial ingredients chosen for promoting healing, such as all of those in the world of K.I.N.D.

Why choose K.I.N.D. topical CBD oil for discomfort?

K.I.N.D. is one of the premium producers of CBD topical salve as well as a broad range of other CBD products. This is because all of the CBD base our products around is an All-American extract which comes from hemp plants grown in American soil using natural, organic farming practices.

This has a number of benefits. Firstly, you can be sure of the quality of relief that you’re getting. You know that each carefully labeled product contains the quantity of pure and potent cannabidiol that it’s supposed to. This is vital if you are using topical CBD oil for discomfort relief or sleep aid, you will want to be sure of the results you are getting.

Secondly, we only extract CBD from hemp plants which contain less than the federally-mandated 0.7% THC. THC is the other well-known cannabinoid in cannabis. It can be useful for providing relief for many conditions, but it also has a psychoactive effect. K.I.N.D. topical CBD cream and other topical creations have less than this minimum level of THC, and so they are usually legal in all parts of the United States as well as those increasing numbers of areas in which cannabis is more generally legal for medical or recreational purposes.

Finally, it’s important to stress the fact that K.I.N.D. products are all-natural. We hate artificial ingredients and additives as much as you do. You can always be sure that if it’s something from the world of K.I.N.D., it has been made from ingredients which are natural and organic.

How to use CBD topical for discomfort?

Using a CBD topical cream to help with discomfort is simple. Especially when it’s a product such as those in the world of K.I.N.D., which clearly lay out the quality and quantity of CBD and other active ingredients in the lotion or other topical you are using.

To start using a CBD topical for discomfort relief, simply squeeze a quantity of the lotion into your hand and apply it to the area in question. We also offer a range of topical sprays, which you can either spray onto your hand and then apply, or spray directly onto the affected area. Following application, gently massage the lotion in and wait for it to take effect.

The length of time you will need to wait to feel some measure of relief when using K.I.N.D. full spectrum topical CBD cream will vary by the quantity of lotion you have applied and the severity and location of the discomfort you are experiencing. It is always good practice to wait for a good length of time to be sure that the quantity you have already used has already taken effect before applying more.

Establishing the correct dose when using a CBD topical cream for discomfort relief is a vital step. We always advise starting with a smaller amount of cream, seeing if that is enough, and then slowly building your dosage up from there until you reach the desired level of relief.

What can CBD oil roll on and topicals treat?

The most common use of a topical such as CBD roll on, spray, or lotion is for discomfort relief and therefore sleep aid. Topical application also involves a certain amount of self-care as well as activities which are associated with relaxation. All of this can lend further impetus to the healing process.

Many people use a CBD roll on for discomfort or as sleep aid they experience after exercising or for discomfort caused by more deeper-seated conditions.

The CBD roll on oil – as well as the active ingredients found in all of the other natural, organic topicals in the world of K.I.N.D. – can provide relief from your discomfort. But every human body is different. If you are expressly using CBD roll on for aid with your condition, it is always worth consulting your doctor or another healthcare professional to see how you should build it into your daily routine.

CBD muscle rub and other options

With a dynamic range of topical CBD products including CBD muscle rub, sprays, lotions and balms as well as fun and exciting options such as bath bombs and bath salts in the K.I.N.D. range, it can be difficult to choose the one which is right for you.

If in doubt, please do get in touch with one of our experienced budtenders to get advice. Whether it’s to answer a question like “can I rub CBD oil on my skin?” or for specific advice as to which CBD oil rub or topical cream would be best for your preferences, we are always happy to help guide you.

Be confident that when you buy topical CBD oil from K.I.N.D., no matter what form it’s in, you are getting a product made from high-quality, organic CBD harvested from naturally-grown, All-American hemp. The other ingredients in our CBD topicals may lend extra natural healing possibilities – in addition to soothing scents, muscle relaxation, and a deep-down feeling of relief – but it’s the quality and potency of the CBD you will find in every K.I.N.D. product which gives it the power to offer the potential for discomfort relief needed by all kinds of people across the USA and around the world.